Eczema In Children: How A Dermatologist Can Help

As a parent you hate seeing your child suffer with eczema. You watch them struggle with the severe itching and burning sensations. You wouldn’t wish it on anyone. After you have tried over-the-counter medications with little to no relief, you finally determine it may be time to seek care from a dermatologist.

Severe Eczema

Known as atopic dermatitis, severe eczema is quite common in children. Patches of skin become red, swollen, and uncontrollably itchy. You may find that certain patches will weep fluid, and it is easy to develop infections.

A child with severe eczema will find it almost impossible to focus on schoolwork and may begin to withdraw from socializing.

How A Dermatologist Like Goodless Dermatology In Celebration and Orlando, FL Can Help

eczema on face of newborn.

There is no one perfect treatment for children with atopic dermatitis. What works for one child may not work for yours. Your dermatologist may try several combinations of treatments before there is improvement. Goodless Dermatology will tailor a treatment plan just for your child.

A pediatric dermatologist can rule out other skin conditions and will provide up to date advice for treating your child. Goodless Dermatology can prescribe stronger topical steroid treatments and recommend additional therapies, plus prescribing antibiotics if the inflamed itchy skin leads to an infection. If your child has an undiagnosed medical condition, it can prevent the therapy from working.

Your Child Will Receive A Personalized Treatment Plan

1. The plan will first focus on skin care including the following:

  • Baths and showers to hydrate itchy dry skin
  • Eliminate crusts and scales
  • Remove particles that may be irritating your child’s skin

If your child has frequent infections, Goodless Dermatology may prescribe bleach baths where a little bit of beach is added to bath water.

2. Next moisturizing the skin

Applying moisturizer within 3 minutes of bathing can trap moisture in the skin. It will reduce extremely dry skin, lessen the itch, reduce redness and swollen skin, and help improve cracked skin.

3. Trigger Management

Goodless Dermatology will help you to recognize your child’s triggers and offer tips to avoid them.

4. Medication

Goodless Dermatology will prescribe the appropriate medications along with skin care and avoiding triggers. Follow the advice about how to apply the medications and whether to cover the skin or not.

Atopic dermatitis cannot be cured, but you can trust the expertise of a board certified dermatologist to help your child get relief.

Contact Goodless Dermatology at (407) 566-1616, or request an appointment online, if you think your child is suffering from eczema.