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Can Adults Get Eczema?

Although it is thought of as a childhood condition, eczema can affect anyone at any age, including adults. If an adult has eczema, it is medically called adult-onset atopic dermatitis. 31 million Americans have eczema so it is quite common. It can begin in childhood, adolescence, or as an adult, and it is a chronic condition. Let’s learn why adults get eczema and what they can do about it.

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What To Expect With Mohs Surgery

Known as the gold standard in treating skin cancers, micrographic Mohs surgery is a highly effective treatment for the removal of the most common types of skin cancers. It is actually named for the medical student who perfected it back in the 1930s, but has since been modified to today’s standards. If your dermatologist has recommended this procedure to treat your skin cancer, here is what to expect with Mohs surgery.

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Skin Rashes: When To See A Dermatologist

You’ve tried a new skin moisturizer and suddenly you develop a rash. You buy a new sweater and within hours of wearing it, you begin to itch and a rash appears. There are dozens of reasons why people develop a rash, some benign and others more serious. When it comes to skin rashes, when to see a dermatologist can be confusing, so we’re here to help.

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When To See A Dermatologist For Hair Loss

Although hair loss is predominantly a male issue, more and more women are finding it to be problematic. It happens as we age, can be due to heredity, or you might be surprised to learn about several other causes. If it’s of concern to you, let’s look at when to see a dermatologist for hair loss.

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How To Tell When You Need To See A Dermatologist

Most of us turn to our primary care doctor for skin irritations, simple rashes, and bug bites. Sometimes, cases arise which require the assistance of a specialist in skin care like a dermatologist, but how do we know the difference? The bigger question is how to tell when you need to see a dermatologist.

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