Why See A Dermatologist For Mole And Skin Tag Removal?

We all worry about moles, skin tags, and other strange looking lesions. Are they the beginning of cancer or are they harmless? There are those who think it is safe to remove these unwanted skin growths themselves.

Let’s explore why it’s important to see a certified dermatologist.

You Need A Professional Eye

Only a professional, like Goodless Dermatology, can appraise a mole and know almost immediately if it’s benign or possibly cancerous. Dermatologists are clinically trained to recognize a suspicious lesion, how to remove it, and take a biopsy.

Your untrained eye may think a spot is nothing to worry about, but you might be overlooking a growing skin cancer. If you try a DIY removal, not only could you cause an infection, but if the lesion is cancerous, you have now helped it spread under your skin tissue and perhaps through your body.

doctor examines a large mole on the shoulder with a magnifying glass

Treating Your Own Moles Can Leave Scars

If you try to remove a mole or skin tag, do you really know what you’re doing? You may remove the mole, but you could be left with an ugly scar forever, whereas Goodless Dermatology knows how to minimize any scarring.

Factor In Joint Movement

When a mole is removed which covers a joint like an elbow or a knuckle, your dermatologist is trained to do that without losing any movement in the joint. If you attempt to remove this lesion, you could end up not being able to properly move your hand or elbow.

Trust A Medical Doctor

When removing a mole or any growth, your dermatologist will know about your meds, all your medical conditions, and will be aware of any issues regarding bleeding. They will take the proper precautions to minimize any possible complications.

The Bottom Line

It is safer, more efficient, and just smarter to let your dermatologist remove any moles, skin tags, or other growths on your body. You might want them removed for cosmetic purposes, but doing it yourself can actually make the area more noticeable leaving scars and other unsightly results.

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