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Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Please note: both of our offices will be closed on Thursday, November 24th, and Friday, November 25th in celebration of Thanksgiving. We hope you have a happy holiday!

Eczema In Children: How A Dermatologist Can Help

As a parent you hate seeing your child suffer with eczema. You watch them struggle with the severe itching and burning sensations. You wouldn’t wish it on anyone. After you have tried over-the-counter medications with little to no relief, you finally determine it may be time to seek care from a dermatologist.

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Accutane for Acne: What To Expect Before, During, and After

Got acne? Maybe you have dealt with it since you were a teen, and it never went away completely. Maybe it has suddenly returned with a vengeance. If you are ready to leave acne behind for good, Accutane could be the answer. Let’s dive into what to expect before, during, and after Accutane.

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Non Comedogenic Products: What This Means And Why They’re Important

Let’s face it. No matter your age or your gender, you like to have clear skin free from blackheads, zits, bumps, and acne. Adolescents are most susceptible to these ravages due to hormones, excess oil, and bacteria collecting on skin surfaces. As we get older, the frequency of these episodes is reduced, but they can still happen. We always wonder why. The answer may be to become acquainted with non comedogenic products: what this means and why they’re important.

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Caring For Your Child’s Sensitive Skin

Your little ones have extra sensitive skin because it’s thinner than yours. Their immune system has not developed yet, so they are more susceptible to irritants of all kinds. It’s important for parents to stay ahead of the curve and remove common irritants inside your home and while enjoying the outside. Caring for your child’s sensitive skin is an ongoing parental challenge.

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