Back to School: Your Child’s Skin Health and Pediatric Dermatology

As we approach late summer, kids are lining up to get vision testing, immunizations, dental checkups and cleanings, and routine health screenings. Many of these are required for a return to school, but don’t let one important checkup fall by the wayside. For back-to-school, your child’s skin health and pediatric dermatology is as important for kids as for adults.

The Eczema Epidemic

While your kids are trying on new school clothes, it’s an opportunity for parents to check out your child’s skin, especially the tween that doesn’t like to show any skin.

Eczema is the most common chronic childhood skin problem. It creates dry, itchy, and red skin and its incidence increased in children aged 11 to 17 from 1997 to 2018. Many believe pollutants are the cause of this increase of atopic dermatitis. It usually is worse in winter with dry conditions, but air conditioners in the summertime can create the same dry conditions. Overheating, sweating, and chlorine in pools can also trigger eczema.

A pediatric dermatologist like Dr. Goodless can prescribe ointments and other treatments to ease the itching and redness. Daily short warm baths followed by moisturizers are a positive complement.

Other Common Skin Issues in Kidsgirl smiling.


It is important to monitor any moles your child may have to notice changes in color or size and if they are raised above the skin. Dr. Goodless will do a full body exam to find any concerning moles that could turn cancerous. If your child has moles, it is wise to see our pediatric dermatologists annually.


Dr. Goodless will examine acne breakouts and determine if treatment is needed. Topical medications may be prescribed along with immunosuppressant drugs, or sometimes a laser treatment to rejuvenate the skin.

Cosmetic Issues

Some kids are self-conscious about birthmarks and a pediatric dermatologist can determine the best course of action and whether to remove them.


Many rashes pop up during the summer from insects, poison ivy, and many other causes.

If a rash comes with a fever, see a pediatric dermatologist immediately to check for infection.

Protecting your child’s skin health is a year-round concern, especially during summer when so much of their skin is exposed.

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