Why You Shouldn’t Skip Routine Full Body Skin Exams

Screenings or preventative care of all kinds like at the dentist, family doctor, or dermatologist is designed for early intervention and to catch problems when they are most treatable, in the early stages. It makes sense to stay ahead of problems. Keep reading for some benefits of an annual exam and why you shouldn’t skip routine full body skin exams.

Make Prevention Your Mantra

Most medical problems do not necessarily wave a red flag saying, “get this checked out right away,” although, life would be easier if they did. Instead, symptoms can start out virtually invisible, hardly noticeable, or appear as something else less worrisome.dermatologist examining patient's skin.

Skin cancer can be that way too. Not paying attention to your skin or not seeking regular full body skin exams can allow an innocent mole to become malignant.

Value of Regular Examinations

Goodless Dermatology can notice subtle changes to moles, birthmarks, and any unusual marks on your skin that could be cancerous, especially those which are difficult for you to see.

They can distinguish other unusual spots that have a strange color, shape, size, or texture, and note new growths or a change to an existing growth. 

  • Goodless Dermatology will perform a biopsy to determine if there are any cancerous cells.
  • Goodless Dermatology can compare any changes noted since your last exam. This is an important reason you shouldn’t skip routine full body skin exams.
  • If Goodless Dermatology detects skin cancer at an early stage, there is a high cure rate.
  • Goodless Dermatology will recommend treatment if skin cancer is found. Finding and treating it early prevents the cancer from spreading.

It’s important for you to take charge of your health. If you notice a new spot or a change to an existing one, don’t wait for your annual exam. Make an appointment with Goodless Dermatology in Orlando or Celebration, FL right away.

The Issue of Modesty

A full body exam can be intimidating. If you are anxious about a dermatologist of the opposite sex doing the exam, don’t be afraid to speak up. Ask if the practice has a provider of your same sex, and that you would prefer that. The bottom line is that this exam could save your life.

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