A Refresher Course On Protecting Our Skin From Summer Sun Damage

Most of us have been cooped up for so long in our homes that feeling the sun on our faces again will be quite liberating. Be careful though, because our tender skin will not adjust to the sun’s soothing, but dangerous rays. In fact, it may be time for a quick refresher course on protecting our skin from summer sun damage.

Drag Out Your Wide Brim Hat

Wearing a hat with a full brim is one of the best ways to protect your face, ears, back of the neck, and scalp. This is especially helpful if you like to do a little backyard gardening. Those who are “follicle challenged” can end up with a painful sunburn on their bare scalp if they venture out in the sun without any head protection. If you choose a baseball hat, keep the other areas of your head and neck covered.

You can look both chic and be sensible at the same time!

Young woman with sun shape on the shoulder holding sun cream bottle on the beach

Made In The Shade

You can still be outside on a beautiful sunny day, but be under a tree or an umbrella. It is best to wear sunscreen and protective clothing too since the sun can penetrate through some types of fabric.

Sunscreen Of Course

Some of us can get lazy in early spring and think it’s OK to go out in the sun for an hour or two without sunscreen to achieve that “sun-kissed glow.” Don’t do it! You can damage your skin by being out in the ultraviolet rays (UV) for as little as 15 minutes.

Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15 even on cloudy days or if sitting under a tree reading. Higher numbers indicate more protection. If you are at a pool or beach, be sure to reapply after every refreshing dive or splash in the surf, or at least every two hours.

Don’t Forget Your Eyes

We seem to neglect our eyes during the summer months. Protect your eyes and always wear a good pair of sunglasses while outside. The best types are wraparound, and some now have an extra protection on top of the lens. Wearing sunglasses helps to prevent early cataracts, and one case of sunburned eyelids will cure you of forgetting to wear them ever again.

The Right Clothing

It’s tempting to want to wear shorts and sleeveless tanks during the hot months. Instead, wear long sleeved shirts and pants whenever possible, especially if you will be outside for a long period of time. Closely woven cottons are best to keep you cool. A plain t-shirt has less than SPF 15 protection, so consider additional sunscreen protection.

Protecting our skin from summer sun damage will reduce those nasty dark spots come autumn, lessen fine lines and wrinkles as we age, and last but certainly not least, protect us from dangerous skin cancer. Stay safe in the sun.

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