Unexpected Areas You Can Develop Skin Cancer

If you identify as a sun worshiper, we hope you are smart about it. Even if you slather on sunscreen multiple times while out in the sun, we are sorry to tell you about the unexpected areas you can develop skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

Going to see Goodless Dermatology on an annual basis may not be enough. Visit our office in Celebration or Orlando, FL before the summer season starts and shortly after. Let your dermatologist look everywhere on your body for signs of skin cancer. There are places you wouldn’t think to inspect, but you should. Some of those places you may not be able to see.

We all check the usual suspects-face, ears, lips, neck, chest, arms, and hands, but there are other places where skin cancer can develop and spread.

Dermatologist looking at patient's foot.

Bottom of Your Feet

That part of your feet really doesn’t soak up the sun, but make a point to regularly check.

Top of Your Head and Throughout Your Scalp

Even if you routinely wear a hat when out in the sun, it is still important to feel your scalp for bumps. Ask your hairstylist to look at your scalp with each appointment. 

Under Nails

Fingers and toes! Look for any dark spots under your nails. If you normally wear polish, examine your nails during a pedicure or manicure.

In Your Mouth and On Your Tongue

In addition to checking yourself, most dentists will look inside your mouth and examine your tongue during a dental appointment.

In Your Eyes

Yes, you can even develop skin cancer on the white part of your eye or on the iris. Ask your eye doctor to check for you with each visit. It is difficult to see in a mirror.

Additional Areas of Concern

  • Palms of your hands
  • Groin/genital area
  • Inside your nose
  • Inside your ears

Risk Factors For Skin Cancer

Anyone with fair skin, a family history of skin cancer, excessive sun exposure, multiple moles, lives in a high altitude climate, or has a weakened immune system is more at risk to develop skin cancer.

Schedule a Skin Cancer Consultation in Orlando, FL

Visit Goodless Dermatology at least once per year for a full body exam to find new or changing lesions on your body, especially for unexpected areas you can develop skin cancer. Call (407) 566-1616, or book an appointment online, to schedule an visit today.

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