How Microneedling Benefits Your Skin

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure also known as collagen induction therapy. This “controlled injury” process pricks the top layer of skin with tiny sterilized needles to encourage your body to produce collagen. If you are ready to refresh your skin, here are facts about how microneedling benefits your skin.

Smoothes The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Lines

Admit it, we all want to appear younger. We search for treatments to eliminate or reduce those tell-tale wrinkles and lines that define our age or make us look older than we actually are. Microneedling can help by lessening the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and smile lines.

blonde woman receiving microneedling rejuvenation treatment.

Softens Sun Damage

Microneedling will help to reduce the hyperpigmentation and age spots that develop from spending too much time in the sun. It stimulates new collagen production to even out your skin tone.

Shrinks Pores

If you have tried multiple products to reduce the size of your pores, look no further. When the collagen around each pore gets stimulated from microneedling, they plump up creating an almost invisible pore.

Improves The Look Of Acne Scars

If you have acne scars, microneedling is there to help. Not only does it stimulate collagen but also elastin, which is a protein that allows skin to stretch. Talk with Goodless Dermatology about whether your type of scars will benefit from microneedling.

Reduction Of Rosacea

If you suffer from the redness and skin thickening consequences of rosacea, microneedling can reduce those symptoms and make your skin less inflamed.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Microneedling sets the table for getting the most from your expensive serums and moisturizers. Applying these anti-aging topical treatments after microneedling will allow them to soak deeper into your skin for surprisingly better results.

Healing From Microneedling

It will take a few treatments before you will see major changes to your skin as your body heals itself. Yes, it will look brighter at first, but be patient, and you will be rewarded with amazing new and youthful looking skin.

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