16th Annual Caribbean Health Summit

Goodless Dermatology was honored to be part of the Center for Multicultural Wellness and Prevention‘s 16th Annual Caribbean Health Summit.

Dr. Goodless, Judith Duran LPN and Leenita Dusraj were in attendance.

The event was sponsored by Advent Health and Islamic Center of Orlando among many others.

judith and leenita at summit

At the Summit, Goodless Dermatology offered free skin cancer screenings to the Caribbean community.

During the screening 27 patients were examined and 3 pre cancers and one possible melanoma detected.

free skin cancer screening table at summit

Our next skin cancer screening event will be October 5th in conjunction with the Hispanic Federation.

Free skin cancer screenings are one way the staff at Goodless Dermatology contribute to the betterment of our community as a whole.

certificate of appreciation to goodless dermatology