Is Dermaplaning Safe For Your Skin?

November 19th, 2017


There are a lot of videos on YouTube dedicated to dermaplaning. They allow us to ensure that the procedure itself is not that scary as it might first appear when you see a 10-gauge scalpel, the main dermaplaning tool.

It looks even less aggressive than micro-needling or microdermabrasion. And at this point two questions arise:

  1. What happens after the treatment? Is there any pitfalls?
  2. If it’s so safe and nice, does it work at all?

These questions are great. Let’s discuss them and the procedure itself, so you can get a fuller picture and decide if dermaplaning could be a right thing for you.

What is dermaplaning?

The purpose of the procedure is to gently remove layers of dead skin off of the surface of your face. It feels like shaving, but for the skin, not for the hair. The procedure is usually performed with the help of 10-gauge scalpel. Dermaplaning is utilized for acne scarring reduction, as a gentle exfoliation procedure, or in order to achieve more even skin tone and surface.

Is dermaplaning safe for your skin?

Dermaplaning is one of the most delicate procedures with minimal list of side effects. It causes gentle, but visible impact on the skin. If the skin problem is moderate and not very intractable, it could be used as solo treatment. It also could be an effective supplement to other skin treatments like light chemical peels, different types of facials or deep cleansing.

Is dermaplaning safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

Perhaps, it is the best option for mild skin exfoliation available for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as it does not require usage of any harsh chemical components.

Dermaplaning contraindications and downtime

The main contraindications to dermaplaning include:

  • Allergy to nickel
  • Numerous relief lesions on the skin
  • The presence of signs of inflammatory diseases in expected area of the treatment

As far as dermaplaning causes a very gentle impact on your skin, it has no downtime. But it is important to constantly use sunscreen to avoid hyperpigmentation of the thinned skin.

It is also recommended to avoid at-home usage of chemical peels or other skin care products containing active ingredients for a few days. The exact period of time when you should avoid any additional treatments should be recommended by your skin care provider for your particular case.

Dermaplaning treatment in Celebration, Florida

If you’re considering a dermaplaning treatment, we welcome you to schedule a consultation at our convenient office in Celebration, Florida. You will be able to receive an individualized advice on this type of treatment and recommendation on other procedures and skin care products that will help you to achieve your goals safely and efficiently.